Online Accessibility

Built on top of Drupal, one of the most powerful Content Management Systems, the Online Accessibility (website) allows members to not only view information about the Union but also update their information and pay dues online. This all syncs with the Desktop Database system for a full integrated solution.

In addition to the functionality every Union Manage website is fully custom designed to match the look and feel of each union. We pride ourselves in our design work and have won International awards for Union Manage websites that we have built.

Member Functions

  • Member Login & Management
    • Allows members of the Local to have a profile on the website. Members are able to login, view their member profile and update information on their profile.
  • Membership Directory
    • Utilizing the member database, members are able to view other members in the local. This function can work with the access control function to limit visibility to members only.
  • Availability List
    • Members can Add or remove their names from the work availability list.
  • Available Members List
    • The Available Members List allows members to see what other members are available. This function can work with the access control function to limit visibility to members only.
  • Member Skills
    • The Member Skills system allows members to add skills to their profile. These skills are defined by the local and visible by all members.
  • Access Control
    • The Content Access Control system allows for both content and member functions to be restricted for only members to view.
  • Desktop Database Integration
    • Members, Skills, Invoices (Dues) and Product systems all have the ability to sync with the website and the Desktop Database. Syncing all of this data will allow for a clean flow for users to easily update their info on the website and pay their dues.
  • Commerce System
    • Commerce Base
      • The backbone of the commerce function on the website.
    • Online Dues Payment System
      • Invoices are imported from the Desktop Database and then payable on the website.
    • Product Sales
      • Allows for products to be sold on the website and sync stock with the Desktop Database stock function.
    • Merchant Integration
      • Allows members to pay via the union's merchant account using or other merchants (must be pre-approved if not listed).
  • Profile Privacy
    • Allows for members to set privacy restrictions on their information.
  • Email Sending
    • Allows for the ability to send out a notice to a group of members per a selected classification via the website.
  • Good Standing Verification (Delinquent Member Check)
    • Allows members to view what members are in “Good Standing” or what members are “Delinquent”.


Non-Member Functions

  • Photo Gallery
    • Allows for multiple sub-galleries to showcase photos in different categories. Users are able to view photos on both desktop and mobile.
  • Advertising System
    • Allows for advertisements to be placed on sections of the website.
  • Calendar
    • The calendar system provides day, week and month views of upcoming events.
  • Classified Ads
    • Members are able to create their own classified ads. Classified Ads lists are sortable and allow for auto expiring. Members receive a notification informing them about the status of their ads: expiring soon and expired.
  • PDF Document Library
    • Allows for PDFs to be uploaded to the website, categorized and rendered on the page. This system is designed for "Meeting Minutes", "Committee Reports", "Bulletins", "Quarterly" or other PDF documents.