Desktop Database

Union Manage is a modular application that is designed to manage all aspects of a membership based organization, uniquely designed for Labor Unions. The core modules of Union Manage are:

  • Membership Management
    • View/Update/Edit Data
    • Reports on membership
    • Printing of membership cards
  • Inventory Management
    • Maintain an inventory of items in stock
  • Invoicing System
    • Invoice generation for
      • Dues
      • Assessments
      • Inventory purchases
    • Generate deposit records
  • Dispatching System
    • Add/remove members from availability list
    • Add/remove/edit show information
    • Add/remove/edit studio information
    • Add/remove/edit production company information
    • Add/remove/edit distributor information
    • Manage work records
    • Manage member skills
  • Automatic Email Notifications
    • Defined email notifications that will automatically be sent by Union Manage

These core modules enable you to effectively manage your organization.

It is truly Union Management SimplifiedTM

We also offer additional modules that further enhance Union Manage. These currently include:

  • Desktop SMS (Texting)
    • Ability to send and receive SMS (text messages) from within Union Manage
  • Dual Deposit Reports
    • Offers the ability to maintain a deposit report for cash and checks, and a separate report for credit card transactions
  • EEO-3 Reports
    • Access all the data required to complete the EEO-3 forms
  • Import work records and automatically add to a member’s work record
    • With the data in a compatible format, we set up an automated way to import the information from payroll companies and add to a member’s work history.
    • Any items that need to be flagged for review are displayed during the process
  • In-Application Processing of Credit Cards and ACH payments
    • Automatically charge a member for their outstanding balance and the system will automatically mark it as paid if the transaction is successful
    • Prevents data entry errors during payment processing
  • Intra-Office Messaging
    • Send and receive messages from the company’s employees
  • iPad Interface
    • Access the core Union Manage functions from an iPad – even over a cellular connection
  • QuickBooks
    • Synchronize the FileMaker membership data with QuickBooks company data
    • Transfer FileMaker invoices to QuickBooks
    • Transfer FileMaker payments to QuickBooks
  • Political District Identification
    • Geocode members’ mailing address
    • Show Federal Congressional District, and State districts
  • Skills Management
    • We have an expanded skills module that puts skills in a parent/child configuration
    • This module allows you to assign skills to a member using an expandable list of skills
    • Improves integration with Union Manage Web that enables you to mark a skill set as allowing only one selection, or enabling multiple selections
  • Telephony Integration (with compatible phone system)
    • Pop up with member contact information when a call is received
    • Click to dial functionality embedded in Union Manage

Not seeing a module that exactly fits with how you operate? We will custom develop a new module to meet your needs. That is just one of the advantages of going with Union Manage; we have the ability to customize the solution to meet your needs.